Elaine Bradford

Apparently I am really bad at blogging. Or i'm just too busy to try and keep up. Sorry that it has been 3 months with no update. Things have been moving along, just not quite as quickly as I had hoped. At this point the crochet for the elephant is all but finished and I have almost completed 6 of the geese. Just 3 more to go.
The geese are actually taking me longer than expected, but considering they looked like this just a few months ago, i think i'm doing pretty good. I have had to push the installation dates for the project back and am hoping to get everything done and installed by the end of Sept/ beg of Oct. I forget that though the crochet is a big part of it, there are so many finishing elements that are going to take some time. Like attaching all the sweaters and sewing all the seams, figuring out installation hardware, and building a platform to distribute the weight of the elephant. Its now time to begin focusing on these things. So much to do, so little time.

And sadly, my residency at the Houston Center of Contemporary Craft is coming to and end this month. Which means the next week will be dealing with packing everything up and moving it all over to Box 13 Artspace. I've rented an extra studio downstairs to house the elephant for the next few months while i finish things up. Everyone please think good thoughts for me so that we get him there unharmed, i'm a little nervous about moving the big guy, but luckily should have a little help from my friends.



08/26/2010 18:08

Wow! I can get more of a sense of the elephant from these pictures. His expression and his mood.

I've been working on the bird bios! Having fun doing more research.


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